Professional Development Opportunities

Professional Development

The Florida Affiliate of the Association for Early Learning Leaders ("FL Affiliate") is committed to on-going professional development for its membership and, by extension, the early childhood community of Florida. In support of this goal, the FL Affiliate will:

  1. Develop and present trainings, workshops, and seminars supporting research-based best practices in early childhood education and care
  2. Provide information and resources to support acquisition and maintenance of professional credentials and certificates
  3. Provide information and resources to enable practitioners to continue their education and obtain college degrees
  4. Provide Continuing Education Units (CEU) for professional development activities meeting CEU requirements (see below)

Continuing Education Units (CEU)

The Florida Association for Early Learning Leaders, as an affiliate of a national professional organization, is authorized to issue CEU certificates recognized by the Florida Department of Children and Families for initial application and acquisition and renewal of professional certificates administered by that agency. To ensure the integrity of the process, the following procedures have been established.