When you join the Florida Affiliate, you can choose to participate on one of the committees listed below. By serving as an active participant on a committee, you will become involved in specific activities designed to further the mission of the FL Affiliate as well as your development as a leader in the field.

Note: Renewal of the Florida Director Credential requires that you fulfill a "professional contribution requirement" (see p. 5, Section 8 of the Florida Child Care Director Credential and Renewal Application, CF-FSP Form 5290, for a list of activities that satisfy this requirement).

One of the ways in which you can fulfill the professional contribution requirement is by:

Serving as an officer, committee member, consultant, or mentor in a professional organization related to the field of early childhood or school-age education. (Documentation must include proof of role in organization, including length of time involved and duties. Letter should be from the organization, client, or person being mentored. Membership alone does not satisfy this requirement.)

At this time, we have established the following committees from which you can choose:

To join a committee, log in to the Members Only portal.

Additional committees may be added in the future as needs and opportunities arise.